TK Kennedy
TK was raised just outside Rochester, NY in a town called Byron. His love for music and drumming started at an early age when he joined the concert band in 4th grade along with the marching band and concert bands in high school. After graduation from Alfred State College with a marketing degree, he came on the Rochester music scene joining the likes of TYR, Final Assault, Atlantis, and finally ended up in the perfect fit with Steel Kingdom. “I do not see me ever playing with another band; especially at my age!”

TK was an all-county athlete in soccer and basketball in high school and that compliments the type of drumming he plays today. "The type and style of drumming I play is without a doubt a full contact sport start to finish.  You have to be pretty well conditioned or you will not make it through the set. I'm soaked when I finish. I have to try and keep in shape just to do this and keep up with my style."

His drumming influences were not mainstream when he started playing. "Although I really liked a lot of the popular drummers, I dug a little more underground and liked what I heard from the drummers of early Anvil, Raven, Saxon, and Motorhead. It was all this sick double bass stuff and massive top end that had not quite made its way into the states but done with taste. It seemed there were not many drummers here playing it, and no one is school was listening to it. The drummers were more out front instead of lying back in the background.  I was able to combine that with the style of my all-time favorite, Neil Peart and this is me!" His current favorite drummer is Mike Portnoy. "Neil certainly is a legend; technical and tactical, and even one of Mike ’s early influences, but Mike took it all to a new level. He has revolutionized percussion and set the bar pretty high and now we have to catch up (darn him!). ”

TK and his wife Lorrie live in Rochester, NY with their 3 children Sam (21- attending Boston College), Michael (12), and Daniel (8) along with cat their cat Snowy and dog Crystal. He is employed full-time at Rolls-Royce as U.S. Regional Sales Manager for the Nuclear Division. “A great job with an excellent company. This is what actually pays the bills!” He also volunteers at his church as the drummer and has coached youth soccer and basketball at different levels for several years. "My wife has been so supportive through everything. I have to ask her if I am coming or going. She is my super women. Without her, I would be living under a bridge in a cardboard box ”.

TYR - Night of the Wolf (1987)
Final Assault - Judge of Time (1990)
Atlantis - Atlantis Will Rise (1992)
Atlantis - Surface of Pain (1994)
Steel Kingdom - Self Titled (2004)
Steel Kingdom - Reforged and Refined (2008)

Media Quotes:
“Brilliant drum work... Steel Kingdom’s music is so grandiose that it seems better fitted for arenas and amphitheatres, not dives and local clubs. Brian Campbell; NY on the 2004 CD.

“Moreover, the drummer, TK Kennedy  is really a great drummer that you feel very involved in the construction of the securities... ” Raskal; FRANCE on the 2008 CD.

“TK Kennedy's drum tactics to sound devastating (this guy is the owner of a real unique style of drumming, watch out for it!) ” Stefan; Metal t Infinity; BELGIUM on the 2008 CD.

“Machine-Gun like drumming” Poemmes; Kingdom of Steel; Switzerland; 2008 CD.

Drums: 1988 Pearl Export Series Drums; Smokey Chrome  
2- 22" Bass Drums, 10", 12", 13", 14" rack toms, 16" Floor, 14" steel snare, 4", 6", 8" Roto Toms; Bell kit
Zildjian Avedias Cymbals: 18" Ride, 18" Medium thin crash, 18" China high, 8" Splash, 6" Zil-Bel, 16" Thick crash, 14" Medium thin crash, 14" Top Beat high hats
Pedals: 2- Drum Workshop DW5000TD3
Drum Heads: Aquarian Studio X w/ power dot, Aquarian Super Kick II Bass Drum Heads
Sticks: Pro Mark 747 Neil Peart 30th Anniversary

Personal Info:
Full name: Thomas Kennedy
Birthday: August 18
Height: 5" 10"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eye & Hair color: Brown

Sports: Football, Basketball, and Soccer
Athlete: Allen Iverson & Dallas Cowboys
Food: My mom’s sauce & meatballs
Drink: Mountain Dew
Religion: Christian; John 14:6
TV Show: Law & Order Criminal Intent
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